About the Books

Crogan’s Loyalty
ISBN 978-1934964408
$14.95 HC • 184 Pages • Graphic Novel
Brothers William and Charles Crogan may share their parentage, but their perspectives couldn't be more different. Charles, off at school when unrest in the American Colonies started to reach a tipping point, has kept his allegiance to the Crown. William, on the other hand, has taken up the cause of the Minutemen and other revolutionaries. When the two are thrust back together, they have to determine which comes first: loyalty to their fellow soldiers, or loyalty to their family?

Crogan’s March
ISBN 978-1934964248
$14.95 HC • 216 Pages • Graphic Novel
When Legionnaire Peter Crogan loses a friend and comrade to a violent sand storm, he is forced to confront some hard questions. Should he wait out the rapidly approaching end of his five-year term of service with the French Foreign Legion, or should he accept an offer of promotion and devote his life to a campaign whose purpose is an enigma to him? Crogan won't have much time to consider his options as he's besieged by the armies of the infamous Tuaregs, under attack from desert raiders, beat down by the relentless heat, and trapped in a cave with a mysterious and terrible creature that is picking off the people in his party, one-by-one…

Crogan’s Vengeance
ISBN 978-1934964064
$14.95 HC • 192 Pages • Graphic Novel
"Catfoot" Crogan is an able-bodied mariner plying his trade for a dastardly "legitimate" captain with a grudge against Crogan for a slight committed well before he was born. But when his ship is taken by pirates, will Catfoot stay loyal to his law-abiding, if despicable, captain or will he find a new life on the high seas living by the "Pirate's Code"?

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Crogan’s Escape
Daniel Crogan is barely an adult, but he’s already come dangerously close to dying as part of a treasure-hunting museum and circus outfit headquartered aboard the battered tramp steamer Marietta. Has this experience made him stronger, or has it turned him into a coward? He’d better find out quickly, as he and his friends are trapped in a Kung-Fu temple by a vicious warlord who hasn’t taken kindly to the fact that they’ve made off with one of his most prized possessions…